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Severe Exacerbation Of Asthma Treatment

Appropriate drugs for asthma exacerbations include inhaled corticosteroids (ICS)and a combinationof ICS treatment and long-acting beta-agonists. People may take these medications orally. Learn more... The administration of oxygen to maintain saturation of at least 94 percent is recommended in all patients presenting with a moderate to severe asthma exacerbation. In terms of lower doses, the most informative double‐blind randomised study has shown that intravenous hydrocortisone 50 mg four times a day for two days, followed by prednisone 20 mg daily, is as effective in resolving acute severe asthma as either hydrocortisone 200 mg or 500 mg four times daily followed by prednisone 40 or 60 mg daily, respectively.



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